Pure Medical Neglance In Hyderabad. once again strikes very low profile doctors maintain high multi specialized hospital Patient Vaishnavi Lost Her Hand In Nacharam as per sources reports.

Patient 17 Years Old Vaishnavi Lost Her Hand Medical Mistake Sad Story

Vaishanvi admitted into hospital to headache issues.doctors neglected to find actual problems forget to solve issue many times doctors doing Medical Mistakes on this time A 17 years old girl named Vaishnavi victims of medical wrong treatment. doctors removed left hand.

Vaishnavi who lost her hand due to the negligence of Prasad Hospital doctors in Nacharam, Hyderabad. report to media news her father speaks to media persons TV5, Sakshi tv news, Tv9 reports all are sending now at corners father requested to media seeking help for her daughter condition in Hyderabad.

Medical insurance providence proper treatment for Vaishnavi. Patient Vaishnavi Emotional crying in front of media. expressed his word about Doctors Neglance. Family Members Speak To Media About Prasad Hospital Negligence Treatment Hospitality Condition.  Vaishnavi Medical treatment condition.

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