Ram Charan Epic Punch Reply. While Pawan Kalyan In Facebook live Chat. Mega power star Conducted Facebook Live chat for giving clarity many questions regarding release date, pre-release event, posters, audio launch many more. now all eyes at megastar’s 150th movie Khaidi no. 150. all set to go for Release soon.

Ram Charan Epic Reply Punch ” Pawan Kalyan ” About Questions & Sessions Khaidi no. 150 Details

Mega Power star Ram Charan went live on his facebook verified page.  Facebook live chat online and communicated with his fans about pre-launch event. He interacted with his fans about Detailed information and answered some pressing topics about pre-launch event, pre-review, pre-event online. Here is an excerpt of his interaction with fans. Questions and Answers Online now. Ram Charan said that he would work with his Babai.

Next project with Sukumar online. This may happen one year from now once they to satisfy their current duties. busy with Khaidi no 150 promotions online. Like wise on time, he said that them two joining will rely on upon his Babai on time. Ram charan Online questions sessions on time.

Ram Charan first time movie named as “Kanthilantodu” mega power star On time. They are thinking and weighing different choices in other cities. Ram charan Sessions questions and answers On time. He won’t be found in this film. Around all set for information At this moment he is playing out the part of a maker. as per sources information Ramcharan performed in khaidi no. 150 movie 30 seconds role. He needs to act like his dad, sometime in the not so distant future. recently hit talk with Dhruva movie.



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